The Kingdom

Bisi Akande’s Native Community

There is no way the history of Ila can be separated from the royal position of Orangun among the descendants of Oodua in Yorubaland. According to Mr Justice Adewale Thompson in his Black People of the World, (using esoteric cosmology to justify the claims of Professor Bolaji Idowu and Chief Ajayi Fabunmi) Obatala, the Deputy Olodunmore, created Yorubaland. Chief Ajayi Fabunmi, in the same book, was quoted to have postulated on the following three accounts:

  1.      That Oodua with sixteen elders descended from heaven to Oramfe Hill on the road to Ilesa,
  2.      That Oodua was one of the people who lived before the deluge,
  3.      That Oodua came from Mecca, Egypt or Upper- Nile.

Whichever account we might adopt, Oodua has been generally acclaimed to have become the incarnation of the celestial founder of the Yoruba race. And the Orangun of Ila has been accepted by history to have been one of Oodua’s male descendants.

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